the Broch

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This is a grand-scale project headed by Irwin Campbell, and contributed to by 20 fellow masons: a re-creation of a 5m high section of a Scottish Broch. Brochs are dry stone structures which date back to the Iron Age and have been subject to extensive discussion and controversy .

In Campbell's words "There has been much written on Brochs about the who, what, where, and when [...] However, nobody has really shown how they were built." This is what his project proposed to do, using only the tools which the original builders could have used.

Campbell concluded it would take 2,500 tons of stone and a year or construction complete an 8m high broch, totaling two to three years when one considers the time needed to collect the stone.

The official page contains more information about the project and Campbell. There is also a DVD available for purchase.